The world is constantly changing and evolving. The way people did things 10 years ago is not the way we do things now. We have found better system and ways to do things. If you look at anything in life, nature, systems ,people, all of it evolves and changes with time.

Pastor Dudu mash, is an artist, producer and show host. She came on the show and said a very thought provoking statement ( 4:22 ) that Revelation is progressive. She further explained (8:41) the different context and situations this statement could be applied.

It got me thinking about growth. In order for anyone or anything to progress, there needs to be growth. When you were young you had a certain understanding about life but as you grow, your way of thinking changes and you have a better understanding of life. Growth is such an important part of self development and success. (9:11) Dudu points out that in order to make it the world of today you must adapt to change and be willing to grow.

It is so easy to get to a stage where you are content with life. You forget that the world is growing and changing with or without you. You can only become the best version of you if you continuously invest in yourself and your development. Don’t allow distractions, laziness keep you stagnant. We need to love ourselves enough to invest time and energy in ourselves and encourage growth in different aspects of our lives. Whatever it takes for you to grow do it and embrace change because its all for your benefit.