I have always believed that inside each and every one of us, there is the spirit of a giant who lies asleep until called upon. When we are finally able to awaken this giant, magic follows: and the giant will perform beyond our wildest dreams and imagination. The process of awakening this giant is what requires the most ardent and continuous of efforts.

Just think about your early life, of where you were and how you fared and now compare yourself and your career path at present to that. Ask yourself if this view is not enough to force you to perform better and so, why it is that you are not performing to the best of your abilities already.

Of course, you know you have to make rigorous efforts and sacrifice many comforts to rectify this situation. Then from this vantage point, ask yourself again why it is that why are you not already performing at such a level right now.

Forcing yourself to perform to the best of your abilities will awaken the giant asleep within you. You do not have to wait for a big occasion to start performing at your best.

During the Vuka Summit I was privileged to sit alongside Wale Sonyika who is a playwright and poet, Iris Cupido CEO of SABC Foundation, Vivian Onano -Youth Advisor to the UN, Nechama Brody-Author and Radio Presenter Azania Mosaka to discuss and share knowledge on South Africa’s Entrepreneurship opportunities. I shared mainly on Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and how they are changing the world.