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The MphoD Foundation is dedicated to a range of initiatives that empower youth and women entrepreneurs through mentorship, training, access to resources, and networking opportunities. We firmly believe that by supporting these trailblazers, we are not only fostering economic growth but also paving the way for a more equitable and prosperous future.

“Each of us has a fire in our hearts for something. It’s our goal in life to find it and keep it lit.”

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The MphoD Foundation Team

At the heart of every successful venture is a dedicated and skilled team that drives innovation, fosters collaboration, and propels the project towards its goals. Our exceptional team, composed of visionary Founder Mpho Dagada and accomplished Project Coordinator Prudence Masase, forms the cornerstone of the Mpho D Foundation. Together, they bring a wealth of experience, enthusiasm, and expertise that fuels our journey towards excellence.

“Help others and give something back. I guarantee you will discover that while public service improves the lives and the world around you, its greatest reward is the enrichment and new meaning it will bring your own life.”

Mpho Dagada
Chairman & General Overseer

Prudence Masase
Director & Projects Co-Ordinator

Our Vision

The MphoD Foundation envisions a world where every individual, regardless of their background, is empowered to unlock their fullest potential. We aspire to create a society where education, opportunity, and compassion converge to uplift lives, nurture innovation, and drive positive transformation.

Our Mission

Our mission at the MphoD Foundation is to catalyse positive change by providing resources, mentorship, and support to youth and women entrepreneurs. We are committed to fostering an environment where individuals are equipped with the tools to thrive, break barriers, and contribute meaningfully to their communities and the global landscape.

Through collaborative partnerships, innovative initiatives, and unwavering dedication, we seek to inspire a generation that embodies resilience, creativity, and a sense of purpose. Our mission is rooted in the belief that by empowering individuals, we create a ripple effect of change that transcends generations, leading to a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

Our Values

We are passionate about empowering individuals to take charge of their futures, break barriers, and rise above challenges. We believe that empowerment is the cornerstone of sustainable growth and lasting change.

We believe in creating equal opportunities for all, ensuring that the playing field is levelled and that talent and potential are the true determinants of success.

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We work hand-in-hand with partners, communities, and stakeholders to amplify our impact and create a collective movement for change.

We celebrate diversity and recognize the unique strengths and perspectives that individuals from all walks of life bring to the table. We embrace inclusivity as a driving force behind innovation and progress.

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At the MphoD Foundation, we believe that collaboration is the catalyst for impactful change. We invite you to join us on our mission to , empower underprivileged youth, support women entrepreneurs, and make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

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