Have you ever looked at someone and thought wow this person has everything together, everything in their lives is going so well. They are just always happy and content.. How are they doing it? The truth is, there are no such people, no one has everything going they way, yes it may look like they do but if you ask them, it is not so. The difference between you and that person usually is perspective. How they look at life and circumstance.

I had a guest on the show who’ perspective on life blew me away and opened my mind to a different way of thinking. Candice Modiselle is an a very talented 25 year old who is taking the entertainment industry by storm. At the age of 25 she has achieved more than most of her peers and is proving to be a trailblazer. She has an honours degree in in Dramatic arts , has featured in films, presented on the well known show Y.O.TV and is know one of the main characters on the famous South African soapie Generations. Everything about her is impressive, but what really impressed me was her perspective on life.

People don’t know that before she got her first industry job, she was told NO 18 times. Many times she wanted to give up but she didn’t. Most people would have thrown in the towel at this point and would have given up, but she persisted in chasing her dream. Many of us get so discouraged when we hear no, people disqualifying our dreams and usually we tend to give up. There’s a way of looking at ourselves and our dreams. You have to trust yourself and believe that your dream are valid. No one has the right to kill your dream, don’t give them that power to. If they don’t see what you see or believe in you or your dream, that’s okay, that’s what they believe, what’s important and what will manifest your dreams is what you believe. As the year starts and your pursuing your dreams, believe me you will hear a lot of no’s , many people won’t understand what your doing but just be persistent, go for what you want, be relentless about them, someone will say yes, you will see the manifestation of your dreams just believe and persist.