The last season of Conversation with Mpho was so exciting, we had the privilege of having one of South Africa’s best Gospel artist Sbu Noah.. He brought us s many lessons of growth and development.

Sbu story is one of perseverance and hope. After struggling to get into university for two years he entered a musical competition were he was a runner up. The next year he then decided to move to Johannesburg to try further his education. On his first year at a virtual free university in the center of Johannesburg he was chosen as one of the students to go to the united states of America as part of the Oprah leadership program. On his return he was granted the opportunity by the Gaziane family from the USA, to study at a medical school in South Africa. He then studied at the university of Witwatersrand where he was graduated with a bachelor Degree in Anatomy.

Just by looking at Sbus life From the beginning, you can already see a resilient Spirit and perseverance and how he never gave up.

At 4:15 Sbu Noah believes that God is in Control at all times even when you can’t see it.. He Continues to explains in 15:40 that God has a bigger plan for our lives that is bigger than us. This is why even though he studied a medical degree he is know a gospel singer. while he was studying his degree, his musical and spiritual growth was groomed at his church were he served as a worship leader since 2008. He was then spotted by one of South Africa’s biggest gospel Groups and joined them in 2012.

Anybody who has seen Sbunoah minister in Song, can’t deny that he was born to do this. He explains in 4:15 that he was called to minister and it wasn’t a choice. We all might have our own plans for our lives but ultimately God’s Plans for us will prevail.

Sbu Noah has established himself as a songwriter , He has appeared on a number of TV shows, He is a voice over artist , host of Imvuselelo , has worked with international and national artis. And does Mcing for major events.

When you listen to Sbu one can pick up that he is passionate about the things of God and that he is after purpose. In 27:40 he explains what purpose is and that he believes he is God’s vessel but God is ultimately the one in charge. He explains that everywhere he goes to minister he consults God on the message God wants to communicate. 33;21 he explains that we don’t need to help God but just to avail ourselves to him so He can minister trough us.

Sbu is passionate about changing the world and he is passionate about young people. He is the sole founder of Sbu Noah’s ark, a non profit organisation that caters for orphans in lower primary. Sbus story teaches us never to give up, To trust God’s plans for us. His story is full of life changing lessons and gives us a very powerful perspective to life.