Engineering Tomorrow’s South Africa Today – 
Vision, Voice, Value.

Engineering Tomorrow’s South Africa Today – 
Vision, Voice, Value.

Mpho Dagada

Visionary Entrepreneur & Future President of South Africa

Dive into the world of Mpho Dagada, a trailblazing entrepreneur whose journey to millionaire status by age 21 is chronicled in the best-selling book “Mr. Bitcoin.” Mpho is not just a successful author; he’s a captivating keynote speaker, an adept debate facilitator, and a charismatic talk show host with a vision for South Africa’s bright future.



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Mpho’s expertise and dynamic presence are setting the stage for his ambitious pursuit of the presidency. With a deep-seated commitment to bridging wealth gaps and addressing the challenges facing the youth, Mpho stands as a beacon of hope and change. His dedication to his homeland and his visionary outlook are at the heart of his presidential aspirations.

Join Mpho Dagada in his mission to forge a prosperous, equitable, and harmonious future for South Africa. Explore the mind of a futurist who is reshaping the landscape of leadership and innovation in the 21st century.


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